22 Nov Widell + Boschetti – 50 Shades of Taupe Project

Winter’s End is the result of a collaboration with Barette and Christina of Widell + Boschetti. They wanted a piece for their client that had the same technique and design aesthetics as Icicles but with a palette that worked with their “50 Shades of Taupe” master retreat project. I love when a client comes to me with a little bit of direction but gives me the freedom to create something that feels native to me. Fine art reproduction canvas and prints of Winter’s End are now available in my shop for those who also need a few shades of grays, whites, taupes, and a touch of gold.

About Widell + Boschetti:

Based out of Philadelphia, Barette Widell & Christina Boschetti are the duo team of Widell + Boschetti, a boutique interior design firm that symbolizes how important a blend of disciplines can be to a successful project. What started as hobbies, helping friends decorate their homes, soon turned into a profitable business. W+B has moved from project to project based purely on client referrals and social media. Together they mesh their perspectives to create work that is lush, dynamic and reflective of a singular harmonious vision. The firm is dedicated to providing clients with innovative design and value. W+B trademark has become a juxtaposition of traditional and modern. They incorporate furnishings that are simple and streamlined, without being trendy or cold. W+B ‘s designs are a stunning mix of styles and periods, pieced together in surprising ways, always staying in budget while still exuding luxury.

Photography: Brian Wetzel


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