25 Sep Cherie Stein – Interior Designer Spotlight

One of my favorite things about being an artist is the opportunity to work with talented interior designers. I learned about Cherie Stein last year when she bought a set of my Breakaway I and Breakaway II prints for her Fishtown Residence project. Her clean lines and sophisticated palettes speak to me. There isn’t a project she has done that I have not fallen in love with. I am thrilled to have my art included in her design for this sleek and contemporary home lounge.

Project Overview – In her words:

A contemporary residence in the revitalized Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia. My client reached out for help with the main floor entry space . We transformed the empty space into a home lounge for parties and entertaining guests. A modern brass chandelier centered in the spaces makes an immediate statement, deep lounge seating lends a more relaxed feel to the space, while the darker pieces give the space a moody and sultry feel overall. We wanted art that was minimalist, modern and fit the monochromatic color palette. It’s the perfect space to gather with friends and catch up over cocktails.  

About Cherie Stein:

I’m an interior designer living and working in Philadelphia with my husband and Jack Russell. I started my business in January 2014 and work on contemporary, modern interiors that favor a more monochromatic and timeless palette. I come from a family of artists and craftsman and am involved in various creative outlets from photography, painting, sewing, to graphic design.

Photography: Elena Jasic


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